Up to One Pound of Produce!!!


I know it’s a little early…. but it just thrills me to no end that we’re already getting produce from our gardens!

The sugar snap peas are starting to fill out nice!

And it’s official… we’re up to one pound from the Moby homestead gardens!

I just finished planting the last of my plants and seeds tonight. Got 10 more plants from Lowes… (honest, they followed me home!!!)

4 orange bell peppers, 2 beefmaster tomatoes, 2 Park’s whopper improved CR tomatoes, and 2 burpless hybrid cucumbers.

And the best part? As I was digging their new little holes in the two side raised beds… I accidently dug into an area where I just planted my corn on Sunday (that was yesterday) and I saw two seeds ALREADY sprouting!!! YEAH! The corn harvest might be saved! Apparently soaking those little dudes for about 10 hours before hand really helped them to germinate! And we’re due for a couple days of cooler, rainy weather, so the dirt and all should get a good soaky rain and everything should be happy!

I transplanted the cantelopes and watermelon as they were looking really stunty and of course, they went into some shock, so the last two days I’ve been out there every couple hours to give them a little drink and they are finally looking a little more perky now. They should be a lot happier out in the full sunshine.

I saved all my tags and seed packs and such from all the plantings and one of these days when I have a little extra time, I’m going to go through them all and make up a little garden journal of my efforts. Might sound a little crazy, but really I’m wanting to know which strains of the veggies do better than others, as well as which beds they like better, that kind of thing. I think it’s pretty important. I’d like to get the highest yeild I can from what we’re growing. Why not? And keeping records is a great way to plan next year’s garden a little better… If the Dervaes family can grow 8,000 pounds of food in a tenth of an acre, I can surely grow 1,000 in my twentieth of an acre! Just takes a little time and effort and planning to get it done.

Of course, it would help if my kids liked more veggies…. I think my friends and family are going to really enjoy my garden blessings!

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Up to One Pound of Produce!!! — 1 Comment

  1. Awesome!! Glad to see those happy snap peas…I’ve just started harvesting mine as well. There is nothing like going out to the garden, picking what you grew, and then bringing it into the house and eating it for dinner. Ahhh…