Our 2014 Snowfall Album…


This has been on winter for the record books.   We are 10 inches below the all time record for our area for snowfall.   Since they have been recording it!   We were at 39 inches for the year.   I bet we make it to the record and more.   They are calling for more snow this weekend!

If you look at that picture above, you might think… oh, that’s just a few inches of snow.

Sorry.   It’s close to 24 inches of snow.  There is a 22 inch tall water trough next to the pump there that is totally buried in the snow.  It’s crusted over and we are walking on the top of the layer of snow!!!   Of course, in a few places, it’s way over your knee and up to the thigh.  CRAZY!!!

Well, enjoy a few of these pictures that Jessy and Maggie took outside on the chore run today.  As you can maybe pick out, there are clues to the depth when you can’t even see our tall fire pit or chairs and tall wire spools totally engulfed in snow!   And remember, our fences are all 4 foot high…  so when you see a few shots where there’s only a foot of fence left or even NO FENCE…. haha…. that means a HECK of a lot of snow!!!

As much as I want it to warm up, like NOW….  I am afraid of spring flooding…  I hope it sort of warms gradually, so that the ground has the ability to soak in some of this!  It’s going to be good for our region as we’ve battled drought here and there the last five years…. however….  it’s gonna be build an ark time if it all melts quickly!!!

Enjoy our winter wonderland!!!!

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Our 2014 Snowfall Album… — 3 Comments

  1. I just love your farm no matter how much snow you get. Wish I lived closer, I’d be out there helping you…

  2. I have been reading your blog for several years. Just wanted to say thank you as I have enjoyed it. Hope you are all doing well and staying safe and warm.

  3. Sherri and Girls,

    I have a great idea for years to come about the horrid snow fall we had in the midwest here this year (I’m in NW Illinois myself). I will share it when I get over to your facebook page.

    Yes, it’s been a BAD year—this will be one that folks talk about in the years to come!
    Smiles, Suzanne