Our Goodwill Special Purchase!


A funny thing happened after I started to focus on our New Year’s Goals.   One of the things was that I wanted to upgrade a few things around the old homestead…  you know, a stove, a sink, some animal homes, etc.   But also, I wanted to add to our clothing stash.

Being on a little homestead and working hard, you can not imagine how tough it is on clothing!  I can honestly say that until we moved here, we never were rough on our clothes.  But hardworking and farm chores are very tough on clothes and buying new stuff is hard on the budget!


So when a friend told me about a local Goodwill store was being remodeled and they were having a 90% off sale!  Most of what was left was just clothing and a few odds and ends.  We had to go and check it out!

And my goodness!   We were so blessed!   We got 30 nice shirts, 4 pairs of jeans, 4 sweatshirts, a skirt, several sweaters as well as a stack of VHS tapes, a few baskets and a couple books!

For $14.43.


That was it.  It would have been $144 dollars…  and that is Goodwill prices.   I would think that 30 shirts alone at normal retail prices would have been easily over $300 or $400 bucks and that would have been like cheap prices…  $10 to $15 prices each.  And we got everything for less than the price of one piece of clothing.


One of the nice things is that we are all plus sized gals… and normally, it’s a little hard to find stuff we like and fits well.   And we found lots!   It was so cool.  One of the best “spaving” moments in a long time!   Pays I guess to stay on top of news like this!  I’m so thankful that my friend mentioned this!

(Oh, if you are wondering…  Spaving means spending money to save money!  I love the term.   It’s something we use when we buy in bulk or get some fantastic deal on something that wasn’t quite in the budget, yet is too good to pass up.  The girls laugh at me but in the end, spaving saves the day!  And it sure did good for us today!!!)  DSC_0045


I’d loved to have seen more jeans, because we are hardest on jeans…  and well, socks!  haha…   But jeans especially.  They didn’t have too many, but still, we did score three pairs and that will help greatly!  We originally had “go to town” jeans and “farm jeans”  but the farm jeans got so rought that we started using the go to town jeans more and more and now nearly all are farm jeans!

(I’m sure some of you can relate if you have your own little farm or homestead!!!)

Still, saving so much on getting our top halves in much better adornment…  it gives us more room in the budget to keep an eye out on new and gently used jeans!  (And socks!)

Don’t you love when a good thing happens???

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