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As we put away our Christmas tree last week, and started to get our new year’s routine together, I was caught up in looking at some of the special ornaments that we’ve collected through the years.   These are a few of my most favorites, for various reasons.  I guess a lot of people have started to look at their Christmas tree with a thought towards family and special memories instead of just a whole lot of sparkle and such.  Not that I don’t think those fancy themed trees aren’t gorgeous, because they are… but our little multi-colored, whatever goes tree, it just suits me fine and I love how each and every year it means more to us all.

Now, this little squirrel, I adore.   My dear daughters got it for me in Frankenmuth on a trip and I love squirrels, so this was just a perfect gift.  He’s so pretty, all golden and coppery, made from blown glass.  He gets his own special little box with tissue!


Now this fellow is my oldest ornament.  My grandmother got this for me at the downtown Ft. Wayne department store when the Rudolph TV show debuted!  Apparently, if you waited in line, you got a free ornament and then for a small fee they would make a little name plate, which she did, but it’s spelled  “Sherrie”  instead of “Sherri” because my grandmother liked that spelling better than what my parents liked.  Yeah.   Family memories!  :-)


This is another one my dear girls got me one year because, ah, I love blue jays!   Do you see a theme here?  I don’t care, it’s adorable.   I love seeing it on the tree.


This is an old one that I remember from our tree as a child.  When I got married, my mom saw our first Christmas as a year to get rid of a lot of her stuff and pass it on to me.  I didn’t mind at all, because being newlyweds, we didn’t have much stuff and I always thought these ones with the hollowed out space were very pretty.   I have two of them left.


Of course, what is better than stuff your kids made for you!   Maggie made that cut out wooden one on her scroll saw, the first year she had it.  It has sparkles in the paint, but it’s hard to see in the picture.  DSC_0795

And this macaroni one that Jessy made is pretty keen as well!   Gold paint always makes noodles look fancy!  Don’t you think so?


And last but not least is the Santa Pony.  Jessy painted it one year as a little kid, when she went through a very intense Breyer horse period.  (I never grew out of my Breyer horses…)  I think it’s funny because it’s got a Santa suit paint job!



All in all, our tree is beautiful to us, and a reflection of so many sweet memories.  I love it that way, and I hope we continue the tradition for years to come.

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