The last nice day of Fall…


Saturday was just the most perfect fall day.  It just got to 60 degrees, but it was sunshine galore…  a little windy, so you had a bit of a chill in the air that let you know this was still Fall… but yet, it was just so nice out.

We went to our favorite orchard around the corner and so, hoping to score a last minute grab of fallen apples.   We did, we got two bushels of the beautiful things, but it was hard picking.  Most of the ones left were frost damaged and getting a little mushy.   It took us a while to get the four buckets full so I guess that means we’re done for now!  We’ll ration these out a little more for everyone, perhaps they will last a good month or so as treats, not feed.


Cody Pony is doing very well, his eye seems to be healing up nicely.  He’s starting to be a little more like his normal old self.  Including helping himself into the mudroom when the wind blew open the door!   Silly boy…   He’s just cleaning up a little of the fallen hay!


Our friends Justin and Steve brought us a special treat!  ABout 30 good sized pumpkins!   They got a whole trailer full of freebie pumpkins and brought some over to share!   Our gang LOVES pumpkins…  the chickens, ponies, goats, sheep, hogs… they all love them.   I think these will last us a few weeks for sure!


This is Mischief and Trouble… hahaha… our two pony boys with hijinks in mind.   They are such a good little pair of ponies though…  but ornery at times, just being little snirts.   They LOVE to try and get the apples in the mudroom.  They linger like thugs at the corner bar, just waiting for a chance to nudge open the door and steal apples.  As if we haven’t caught on….  haha….


We love our leaf blower!  Best $20 bucks spent at a garage sale lately!   It was fun to blow a whole bunch up against the chicken yard fence!   It was making a sort of wind block for them.   Of course, the free range hens were digging in them afterwards so I guess we’ll just have to rake them all up and put them in the compost pile.   Shesh.   No fun.


Cody photobombing my picture I was setting up of the leaf blower…. haha…. like I said, he’s getting his pony moxy back for sure.


Some of the peeps playing in the leaves.  They are just like kids really, have to fool around and play in the piles of leaves.


Rana and Rafeka enjoying a apple!   See the orange on their noses?  They have pumpkin face….


Gee, my goaties love me.  They are always cuddling and rubbing and hugging and pestering me.  I believe they like me.  A lot.  Which is okay, because I like them.   A lot.  Buttercup is my little darling for sure.  Daisy just enjoys a cuddle as well, but Buttercup is like just my little goat shadow.   She loves to eat my coat buttons and chew on my zippers and such.  Silly girl.  I can’t wait till they are little goat mommies…  I believe they will be very good moms.  Especially Buttercup.  She’s going to be such a sweet mommie.  She’s such a sweet girl anyway…  I can’t imagine how she’ll be when she has her own little bambino to love and smoother.



Duke Kitty apparently has lost the use of his legs and must be carried about all over the farm by Maggie, his faithful kitty transport.  He can usually be found in her coat, or in her hoodie or just pretty much in her arms whenever possible.   He knows who to single out as a weak willed kitty lover.

Ah… we really enjoyed the day, had a nice trip to the orchard and got a gallon of cider and all our livestock apples… of course, picking out a nice bunch for us…  and we stopped at Blaze and Babes pizza and got our new absolutely favorite lunch…  a footlong ham and cheese grinder sub that we cut in threes and enjoy!  It’s so good…  and a third is a meal, let me tell you!    And then we stopped and bought a rake… because our old rake we’ve had for years and years finally gave up the ghost.  Maggie tried to fix it but the part that attaches to the handle is cracked and well, it’s just a plastic cheapy…  Then we spent most of the afternoon just hanging out with all the critters, raking and blowing leaves and just enjoying the sunshine!  It was beautiful out.   And looking at the next ten days, I do believe it was the last really nice day of Fall….  so long fair weather!  Hello 20 degree cold front next week????  Ugh!

Thank goodness we have all the animal barns ready and plasticed up…  much more warmer and less drafty.  It’s amazing what a good sheet of heavy plastic will do!  Combine with lots of deep bedding and the bodies of a bunch of warm hoofies and you have some pretty darn tolerable temperatures in the barns!   It amazes me how it can be 20 degrees or more warmer in the buildings.  They hover around 35-40 degrees easily, even in the coldest temps around here.  Take away the wind, and you have a pretty darn nice place to spend the evening, if you ask me.



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The last nice day of Fall… — 2 Comments

  1. thank you, Sherri, for the update of the doings on Windhaven Farm. it’s just like chatting with a friend over a cup of coffee.
    love the pictures of Cody and Shadow…and i’m glad to hear he is recovering; I felt so bad for you when the accident happened.
    we got our first significant snow overnight and more coming down as I write. oh well it was time I guess. have a warm and cozy November evening. hope big red gets to going soon. (:

    • I wonder sometimes why folks check in and all, but it must be interesting because we usually get around 200-300 readers a day! Crazy! Fun, but a little crazy! :-)