Meet Saffron…


Saffron is a carmel colored French angora pedigreed buck!   He came to join our little clan of angora bunnies this last week.  His mom Vicki, is one of our homesteading clan friends and she was heading in for some major knee surgery and needed to find a home for this sweet boy to help lighten the chore load for her and her nice husband Bill.  And since her does are English, she really wanted to find an English buck after she recooperated and was ready again for baby bunnies!

How could Jessy say no to a lovely sweet boy in the color she’s been hoping for?



And we’re a little concerned…  after a whole summer of living with our two does, Cornelius, our other stud bunny failed to make a connection with either of the beautiful young bunnies, Momo or Tora!  So no bunny litters!  Weird.  We’re hoping that perhaps the beautiful Saffron will be more accommodating or at the very least be a bit of competition!

We only have four bunnies at this point, all pedigreed French Angoras.  That works best for us.  We have a lot better luck at selling full blood, pedigreed rabbits than pet quality non-pedigreed animals.   And we love their fiber, so that’s not a big issue, the need just to breed them.   Four bunnies is a nce group.   We have a blue, a tortie, a carmel and a broken black now and so that’s neat to have a nice little range of fleece colors.

We’ll probably wait till around Christmas or so to introduce the girls to Saffron and see what might come of it all.  That would give us babies around the end of January, and then be ready for sale around March which is a good time for 4H sales.  That’s the plan at least!  We’ll just have to wait and see what the bunnies all think about it!

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