A New Ferret…


Well, we never saw this coming.

Neither did Lilly Kitty!


But when Steve called and asked if Maggie wanted a ferret that needed a home… well….  we thought about it a few minutes and decided, why not?  We love ferrets!


Our beloved old ferrets Loki and Tasha had left us a year or so ago and Maggie had decided that she really didn’t want to have small pets again, since she had all her outside critters and of course, Ratchet and Luna…   She was kind of done with that phase of her life.  Her childhood friends.

But I guess she’s having a second childhood!  Haha…  And we don’t mind.  So we have another fun little fuzzy ferret girl here and her name is Lupin.  Like the cartoon theif shows…  or a little fox?  A flower?

We think she a hoot and she’s very friendly.  She came with all her stuff, cage, food and all that.  She was the ferret of Maggie’s Dad’s Friend’s daughter who became allergic to her little pet.   The friend took her in but his girlfriend didn’t like ferrets.  And so I guess they were talking and of course, Maggie’s Dad Steve, he knew the perfect home for little Lupin…

xDSC_0170 xDSC_0176

As you can see… Lupin and Maggie are becoming fast friends!  She is a cutie!   And it’s very funny to watch her play with Lilly.   Lilly just thinks it’s so cool that we got an indoor squirrel.  Hahaha….


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