A Work Day at Jerry’s…

The Chekal Family team of graphic arts professionals has gotten a job.

Well, sort of like three jobs really.

Jessy is going to be doing all their photography.  Which includes the various cars for sale on the sales lot and well as doing all the photography for their new website and Facebook page, as well as any portraits and such they need of the staff.

Maggie is doing all their signage needs with her new company.  Mostly outside signs and vinyl labels for the sales cars as well as yard type signs and for sale signs.  She is also apprenticing three times a week, learning auto detailing, light mechanical things and just helping out.   She loves it!

And myself, I’m doing all of his social media work as well as designing a website and some print work such as business cards, t-shirts and post cards/flyers, that sort of thing.  And I’m working one day a week listing all the new auto sales on Craigslist and Facebook and the website (once it’s finished).  I also help answer the phones so the guys can concentrate on getting the heavy lifting done.

It’s pretty fun!  We’re enjoying it.  The extra cash is great in everyone’s pocket and it’s a good thing all the way around.  And the girls are getting hands on driving experience…   (Jerry says he’s going to turn Maggie loose out in the yard.. 40 acres and room to practice!  Oh no!!!  haha…)  Even Jessy has to move and pose the sales cars and such, and she’s fine with it.  Me…  I get to hang out with some super nice fellas and enjoy a little car talk and such.  It’s a win win situation and flexible and we are enjoying it so far!!!

Do me a favor…   if you’re into Facebook… drop by his shop’s page and LIKE it… for me?  Thanks a bunch!  I know you’re all over the place, but hey, it just helps and you can enjoy the fun and interesting social media goodies that I’ll be supplying!   This is a new thing for me and fun.  Just going to be putting up some fun links, car facts, neat photos, questions and trivia…

Jerry’s Sales and Salvage on FaceBook…

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