Introducing our New Website & Podcast…


For some time, I’ve been stewing about a new blog site.  Something that reflected the deeper thoughts and ideas that I have about homesteading for the woman.  The single gal, or a group of women, mothers, daughters…  whoever is interested in homesteading that might not have that perfect family unit.

We, of course, will be keeping our Mobile Home Woman blog running and it will be our more personal journal of our homesteading and life adventures from the Moby to Windhaven Farm.  We love journaling and blogging all about this and that, floating about and keeping those who are interested, up to date.  Of course, we’ve got our Facebook page as well…  with more up to the moment events…  (Oh no!  The goats are loose!!!  Agh!!!!)  ((Those types of updates!))  When we finally get decent internet…  (Counting the days, let me tell you!)  it will be a little easier for us to keep the blog up to date here and the new one, and also include a lot more fun videos!  Something to look forward to!

But in the meanwhile…  let me introduce our new blog!

Isn’t it fun?  I really can’t imagine that the domain was available!

The new blog will be a little more focused on information, essays and resources for homesteading…  especially with a focus on us gals in the field.  Of course, we welcome all readers, and we love our men friends!  It’s just that the more we ramble about, it’s apparent that we three are something of a rare breed…  and I want to encourage more and more women to take up the reins and give this lifestyle a chance… with or without menfolk in your life!  You can do it!  And on a shoestring as well!  Both urbanely and rurally!

And another cool thing is that I started a podcast up about the farm and in conjunction with the new blog!  Yep… you can hear all about this little homestead farm and some of the things we’re doing as well as interesting facts, ideas and noodle-stirrers!  It might take me a podcast or three to get my sealegs under me again, but I used to do a podcast with a friend for bluegrass and I really enjoyed it and miss it!  So this has been a goal of mine for awhile now.  And the first episode is done!  yeah!

The First Ever WIndhaven Farm Podcast! 

Well, now go off and check those links out and be sure to stop in and check out the new Homestead Woman Facebook page as well!  Just all sorts of fun things for you to check out in the next few days!!!  Thanks a bunch and I hope you enjoy this new facet of our homesteading adventure!!!

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the banjo player for Deepwater Bluegrass, and the editor of as well as the main graphic designer of the Westvon Publishing empire. She is a renaissance woman of many talents and has two lovely daughters and a rehab mobile home homestead to raise.


Introducing our New Website & Podcast… — 1 Comment

  1. Oh my god if you interview the goat on your podcast I would die of happiness. So you would be all like: “In your opinion, is rotational grazing the best way to handle parasites?”

    And the goat would be all: “Maaaaaa.”

    And you would be all like: “Mm, yes well good de-wormers are essential.”

    And the goat would be all: “Maaa.”

    Ooooor maybe I should just top typing the things I am thinking at 1am. Maybe.