Oh, piglet time will soon be here…



By our reckoning, Miss Ebony still has about 3 weeks left before the first possible due date of our little American Guinea Hogs!

But, by golly, she’s getting huge already!

Pigs are that way, so we’ve heard, learned and read about…  still, I didn’t expect her to be quite so big at what is really about the half, to two thirds point of her pregnancy!



She is sharing a pen with Oscar…  he’s getting quite portly as well!  Or should I say porkly!  I suppose he’s gaining sympathy weight.   Or it’s just all the good pumpkins and other harvest treats that are coming their way!

Maggie is working on our big pig/chicken expansion/moving project.   We are going to be moving our chicken flock closer to the house, to the big poultry barn near the garden.  It’s a bigger coop, and a bigger run and it’s easier to light and keep an eye on against coons and such.  And closer to the dog yard, which seems to be a bit of a deterrent as well.

Once that is done, hopefully, by this weekend, then we will begin to remodel the lil’ coop to become the lil’ nursery for our momma to be and her little piglets!  We are going to remove all the chicken things, like the roost and nest boxes, then clean it all out…  It has a cement floor which is nice for pigs (no rooting inside!)  We are going to paint it a nice bright white to help with natural light and then fix up the door and inside hog panel fencing.  We will also be enclosing the whole outside yard with hog panel to keep everyone in and all the bad guys out!  (Little American Guinea Hogs are pretty small when they are young!  Easily dragged off if not protected!)  Miss Ebony will have a deluxe little 10 x 10 foot house as well as a nice big outside yard for her soon to be little gang of piglets!!!   We just can’t wait!



If you’re within driving distances of the farm and you’re interested in reserving a piglet or two, please let me know…   Our plan is to keep a few and sell a few, and hopefully to find the boar of Miss Ebony’s dreams to come and live with her too!  Probably after her little bacon bits are weanlings!!!  Our pigs are purebred, registered and pedigreed American Guinea Hogs…  Awesome little homestead pigs for sure!  Slow growers, but easy keepers and feeders…  and gourmet quality meat!  Great temperaments and just all around awesome heritage hogs!!!    You can contact me at:   sherri@chekal.com

In the meanwhile… we’re just counting the days and can’t wait to meet our first home grown litter of piglets soon!   My guess is October 16th…    what’s yours?  (Remember the absolutely first due date possible is September 29th….)



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