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Sorry for being a little distant the last week or so.

The girls and I realized that we needed to get busy and make a little extra cash.  The summer is always hard on us, sales tend to be a little low and well, if we’re not careful, our budget gets stretched very thin.

So, rather than worry and wring our hands, we sat down and said, let’s put a good hard 15 days into the mix and just stay super focused on the tasks at hand, stay positive and get as much done as we can.

I’m happy to report that it has certainly returned to us ten-fold.  Being positive… heck, faking it till you make it, is one way to just keep your head afloat and hang in there.  We noticed that sales increased…  we turned to eBay to get rid of a few things that helped us to keep the lights on and food in the pantry…  and we networked and prayed and just stayed on track and on task.  I got a new client and two returning clients needed some good graphics done.  So, we’re pretty busy right now, but I am happy to report that we got through the worse of the tight budget and things are looking up.

Maggie is now walking on her own, no more crutches!  It’s been about a week and she’s doing great.  She tires a little bit, but each day, she’s stronger and happier.  It’s really been great that she can take on a few more chores each day and be back out with her beloved critters and farm work.  She’s positively glowing with cheerfulness.

Jessy really stepped up to the plate, learning how to do eBay sales and managing all that for the last fortnight.  Since she’s already our computer geek and mailing diva, she stepped right into that role and got it all going for us!  The two also managed to sell a few large collections of Maggie’s childhood toys to earn enough for a new larger vinyl cutter for Maggie’s business!  We will be ordering it tomorrow and boy, am I proud of the two of them.  It’s wonderful to see your children mature and grow towards their goals and aspirations!!!

Me, well, I’ve gotten back on the graphic artist bandwagon after a year or so of light duty.  I guess after 35 years of working in print, type and ink, I needed a little break.   The farm was such a lifetime goal, that I really wanted to immerse myself in it’s day to day workings and it’s blossoming from the foreclosure days.  But, I’m also seeing that it needs me to stay focused as well on various tasks at hand… However, I see now that the break was a good thing as I’ve come back into my career with renewed vigor and excitement!  I love doing work for my client friends…  I rarely have a client that doesn’t end up a good friend and that is the best part of what I do.

We’re wrapping up a few things and getting our noodles around this slight change in our routine.  So, please don’t worry if you see us missing a day or two.   You can always check our Facebook farm page which seems to be a little easier for us to update with little drive-by bits through the day.   If you need your WIndhaven fix, be sure to check out our Facebook page…

Windhaven Farm on Facebook

In the meanwhile…  I am very excited to say that I’ve been squeezing in some work on my hopeful book…  I’ve always wanted to write a real substantial tome on well, life as a urban/rural homesteading single mom…  and I finally put fingers to keys and got started.  I managed to get my working outline finished and my brain as been thinking about just what I plan to write about whenever it gets a wee moment to do so!  I really don’t plan to write just some boring basic DIY manual, but more, rather a resource/memoir/story/help guide on how things work for us.  We’ll have to see how it all turns out.  It will be hefty, that’s for sure and I hope just a shade unique!

Of course, that’s what all writers hope for when they write their masterpiece!

The critters are all fine, happy in the last throes of summer and looking forward to the fall.  Our American Guinea Hog, Ebony, is getting fat and soon to be a mom!  We expect her piglets sometime in the first of October, which is so quickly creeping up around the corner!  The sheep are getting a little randy and thinking about love as well.  It’s fun to see them scamper about in the early morning chill, frolicking and acting goofy in the brisk morning light.  The seasons are definitely working on a wardrobe change and I for one am quite happy!  I love fall, it’s one of my favorite times of the year.   Spring is a close second!   I can’t wait for us to wrap up a few more loose ends and then take a little time off this weekend to go and play outside a WHOLE BUNCH!

Until then…  don’t worry!  We’re here… just trying to be good girls and get ready for the fall!

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