Building the new Ram Shack…


At first, there was just a pasture, with a couple pallets laying in it.

We had an idea, but it had yet to be realized.


Jr. and Jeremy were in charge and pretty soon, they had the bare bones getting ready to be assembled.   What are we building?  Why a new ram shack for Harley and Otis, our two Shetland sheep rams.   We knew that after dealing with Gideon, that we needed a good secure pasture and shelter for the two ram lamb boys.  I hope to keep these two for a good long time and to do so, we need a good safe and secure place for them.  They are going to be housed up front in our salad bar pasture.  It’s close to the house and road, so we can keep a good eye on the boys.   But it’s out of the normal work routine pathways in the back, so that we can limit our contact with them.  It’s a perfect setting, as far as we’ve learned.   I had wanted to put them out in the weed pasture, but that is a mess and far from being a decent sheep field.   The salad bar was perfect.  It’s sheep safe, but not goat safe.   The two boys will be able to keep it grazed down without over grazing it.  They just needed a shelter from the hot summer sun and rainstorms and ultimately from the snow and cold.


Just a fun shot of Raven… one of our Bucka Roo sons…   he’s such a cuddle bunny of a bird.   He likes to be held and petted… and after Jessy took this shot, I had stuff to do and fetch, so I just slipped him into my hoodie and he rode around for nearly an hour with me and even fell asleep in the nice warm jacket next to his mom!  Silly roo….  Beautiful roo!


Looking pretty good!   It’s going to be about 8 foot by 16 foot in size…  perfect for a couple sheep boys!    Travis is going to join them just as soon as he is weaned.  Maybe another few weeks.   We will be siding the shack and putting a decent bit of roofing on it.


Cody approves of this lovely little man shack.   He might be hanging with them now and then to teach the boys manners.  A swift kick from a smart pony can teach a lot.


It was funny to see everyone in there sniffing and checking out the shack.  The goats, of course, were pretty much trying to figure out how to get on top of the thing.   Sorry, not for goats.

I think those two upright posts would be awesome for some waving pennant flags, don’t you?  Actually, I think I’m going to be trying to make it look a little Medieval.   I think plaster sides with a thatched roof would be adorable!!!  Hmmm…..   It’s in our side yard, which is right by the road.   I would like to make it look cute and adorable…   It’s not bad right now, but still, the opportunity exists to make it really fun.

The best part?  It’s really cost us nothing at this point.   Everything used we scrounged off the farm from this project or that project.   Most was gotten free at some point.   That is what I call successful hillbilly engineering.  I think it’s beautiful!



And we have a little pile of leftovers for some other project!    We do have to build a little low hay manger for the boys!   Hmmm…..



Looks pretty nice all cleaned up.  I love the rustic look of it all.    I might just side it in slab wood, it would look like a nice little log cabin!  That would be fun.   Lots of ideas.   Right now, it’s just ready for a couple of soon to be buddies ram boys!


Raven approves.  That’s all that matters to us.

DSC_0164Travis is already getting protective of his new future home with Otis and Harley.   He’ll be joining them to make a sheepy threesome.  Sheep like to have a little flock.   We’ll see how it all goes soon!!!



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Building the new Ram Shack… — 2 Comments

  1. I keep trying to convince the husband we should build more things out of pallets, but I think the carpenter in him rebels at the idea. Someday. :)