Little Kitties Critique Your Work…

DSC_0848aLilly and Dahlia seem to approve of Maggie’s computer work… but I dunno, Willow does not seem to be too happy about something….

We miss the little extra kittens but we know they will find good homes.  They were raised to be awesome, friendly and well adjusted little critters.  Jessy did a great job with them.  Lilly is here, as we have adopted her into our fold.  She’s doing great with the dogs and even Luna and Dixie have accepted her, reluctantly, because she is a silly little goofy pistol of a kitten.  We gave it a try with the four in the house, but after a few days they began to just run roughshod over the place.   They tore up our shower curtain in a crazy barrage of kitten goofiness and were kind of terrorizing the place and it’s occupants with kitten hijinks and crazy antics.  Knocking stuff over and just rowdy rough housing all the time!  One kitten at a time.


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