Oscar and Meyer…



It’s hard to get a good shot of our two pigs, Oscar and Meyer.  They are always eating, or occasionally sleeping.  They are pretty happy little hogs.  Duroc crosses…  they are a lot like the durocs if you ask me than anything else.  Red pigs…   Meyer is the smaller, redder pig.  At the top of the photo.

They are enjoying a bucket of scraps.  Mostly this cabbage dish that I tried and no one really liked it that much.  It was okay, but the girls really didn’t like it.  And I was getting weary of eating it for three days.  So the pigs got the rest.  I love pigs for that reason.  They aren’t picky at all about anything you give them.  They thank you with a love grunt and a face in the feed trough.  It’s pretty easy to know when pigs are happy.

Ebony is still away at Love Camp.  Apparently she’s doing well, learning lots of bad habits from Kristina’s hogs and we’re not 100% sure but we think she’s gone through one heat cycle.  She’s going to stay another couple weeks just to make sure we catch another one.  They don’t mind at all and she’s just no bother, she’s being a good girl there.  I miss her though.   O&M are not very communicating or interested in us other than the whole food thing.  They are very skittish where Ebony would come right up to the fence and talk with us, get scratches, that sort of thing.  Part of the reason I think I’m going to really like raising American Guinea Hogs…

O&M have about oh, 4 or 5 months here at the farm.  They are already about 10-12 weeks old.  My plan is to finish them just before Ebony has her litter.  That way they are gone before the wee ones are moving about and Ebony can have the whole big part of the barn to herself and her brood during the winter.  And we’ll have pork for the freezer.  Sorta works for everyone.  I guess except for Oscar and Meyer.  But I don’t think they are worried about that right now.  They are just enjoying the goodies from my two picky eaters in the big house.


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