Bucket Babies…



We let our animals roam around with us most the time.  I guess that is slightly unusual, since most people tend to keep them locked up in fields or paddocks, that sort of thing.  We do have fields and paddocks, but we also have this area that we call the middle yard, which is available through all the paddocks and fields.

Sometimes it can be a little annoying, especially when you are carrying buckets about.  Our critters equate 5 gallon pails as carry out food containers and if they see you with one, they are likely to come and bother you until you yield the bucket to them.  Daisy and Buttercup are pros at bucket lickin’…  they love to check out any bucket that might has a faintest bit of chicken feed or maybe garden scraps in it.  As you can see…  they really enjoy the task of cleaning up buckets.

We have to be careful not to leave buckets out in the middle, especially when the flock is working the yard care aspect of their jobs for us.  Once or twice we’ve had to deal with bucket head…  it’s mostly the boy sheep and the Angora goats that will get the handle caught on their horns.  Cody can occasionally do so as well.  What’s funny is that they don’t panic, they just walk around the yard, bumping into trees and such, with a bucket on their head.  I guess they feel that it’s a good thing, having your own bucket and are just waiting to see if anything good to eat manifests for them.  Or I guess they are just pretty mellow about most things and this is rather amusing.  I don’t know.  Still, we try to keep that from happening by just picking up the buckets and keeping them in the screen porch.


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