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I suppose one of the “nice” things to come from our summer in-home experience…  (I think it’s funny to call it a Stay-Cation…)  is that we are getting back on track and caught up in some seriously overdue efforts.  (Clint!  You’re next!!!  Honest!!!)

Yes…  it’s been good to get back to the ‘grindstone’ of my chosen profession..  and not mild manner shepherd or banjer picking gal…  it’s that of profession graphic arts…  of graphic design…  I do adore the work and I’ve been said to have a decent touch at the art.  However, the last year or so, my attention has been a bit diverted in so many ways with a lifelong desire to farm.  If I were rich or some public figure I would call a good deal of the last two years a “sabbatical”…  but in reality it was more of a “burn-out-ical”  (If that is even a word…  I like it, I think I’ll keep it.)

I won’t go into the gory details, but pretty much it stemmed from over-extending myself in so many ways to help so many causes, usually for free or next to nothing, and then often getting walked over and treated rather, well, coarsely by many individuals…  such is the case of a nice, tender hearted gal without much of a backbone to stand for poor treatment.  I believe one might see my photo on wikipedia under graphic arts doormat…  haha….

But one by one, I stopped answering emails and calls to those said individuals, because in the end, if they didn’t appreciate my efforts, then why did they always want me on their team?  I whittled away many of these “clients” and in the end I got the very best of those who appreciate me and my talents and are some of my best friends, to boot!  Best case scenario, I suppose!

However I digress.  One of the things that I’ve been longing to do, for easily over seven years now, was to re-create one of our best websites…  a site that sells my very first homeschool publication/product…  The Master Planner.

I wish I had taken a before shot…  I probably have a file in backup somewhere but trust me, my web skills have grown in leaps and bounds in the last 11 years.  And the previous site was done in this garish neon blue and black, just ugly as sin.  Hardly appropriate for a nice homeschool product.

What was I thinking???

So for years now, I’ve known that I wanted to redo this site, but it’s always made it to the back of the priority deck…  just not available for me to fix it.  Everyone else’s work had to come first, they were paying…  I was not.   But then I just finally said, enough is enough… this site is part of our bread and butter.  It has sold thousands of copies over the last 12 years.  Thousands!   At $6 a shot.  There were many a time that a couple Master Planner sales over the week got us through in gas for Blue or dog food or heck, groceries on the table!  Over the last 12 years, that little orphan product has generated over $30,000 for us.  And what is so remarkable and delightful is that in all this time, we’ve only had 4 returns of the product.  Four people that found it not suitable for their needs.  And what i think is just wonderful, is that thousands of families have grown a whole generation of homeschooled kids over the last 12 years with this wonderful helping tool.

Don’t you think something that important deserves a nice, pleasant website to support it?  I sure do!!!

And I think I did a nice job on it.  I love how it looks now, how it flows, and for the most part it is all done and ready to go out there and hopefully help another couple thousand families!  Wouldn’t that be delightful?

I want to revamp the product and add even more delightful content to it, and perhaps soon, I will find the time for it.  I’ve been thinking up new forms and ideas for it for years now and have quite a stash of potential additions.  But I want to be able to do it right, and I will…  but for now, it’s just so much nicer!  I love it…   I hope you will too!


If you want to check it out and maybe pass the link to any homeschooling families you know, wow, that would be delightful.  If you just want to drop me a comment and say what you think, hey go for it…  (be nice though, I’m a fragile spirit!  haha)  Or if you’d like to just ignore it and wait for a cute picture of a chicken or goat, hey, I’m good with that.

I just wanted to share this little bit of the “other” side of Sherri…  One that I hope to be embracing more and more as the long summer of house arrest winds on!  (gg)

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