Resting finally…

Its been a long day.   I’m sitting in a recliner in the local hospital with Maggie.   She has broken her leg and had dislocated her ankle playing hide and seek at a graduation party.  I hope they considered her the winner!

We are awake right now… It’s 6 am and they just came to take some blood and gave her a nice shot of morphine.  Being Maggie, she hates the attention and is very anxious about the surgery to repair the leg break today hopefully.  Her surgeon has three scheduled surgeries plus four new from this weekends unfortunate folks.  I can’t imagine how that is, what amazing people to work so hard to take care of everyone who is hurting and needs them.

trying to get her comfy is very hard, she’s fighting our attention so much.  She hates to be the center of attention and have anyone fuss over her.  And here, she is the star of the arena!

Its easier to post on Facebook then the blog or some reason here so that will be more information if you care to read it…  Thank you so much for all the love, prayers and good wishes for her.  We’re in the Fulton county medical center in was eon, Ohio… Room 211. I don’t have cell service so it’s here as comments or through Facebook or email To reach me.

Going to be a rough couple days… But we’ll pull through!  She’s so worried about her critters… And what will happen tomorrow.  Understandably… Me too!

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Resting finally… — 4 Comments

  1. Following this more closely at FB but thanks for updating us Sherri.

    Love to Miss Maggie and Jessy @ home with the critters.

    Hugs to all,
    Suzanne in NW Illinois

  2. That must have been one HECK of a game of hide and seek. I’m guessing something like hide and seek FULL CONTACT. I hope she gets well soon and everything goes all right! :)

  3. Sorry to hear about your girl Maggie. It’s worrying when your kids get hurt. Hoping for a quick recovery so that she can get back to caring so beautifully for her creatures. Sandy in Pukerua Bay NZ