Fencing Phase One is Finally Complete!!!



We managed to get the last of our 2 year adventure in fencing done today before a nasty series of thunderstorms rolled in!  Yahoo!   The back pasture is done…  all 450 linear feet of fencing is up and secure.

Sure, we have some adjustments and improvements we want to keep making, like adding a few good key gates and replacing a little ill-planned or poor materials from the early, inexperienced days, but right now, I am just so happy that we have the last big area fenced and secure!   We had everyone out there for a few hours before the weather turned and I believe the consensus was “YUMMY!”  as everyone had their face in the nice lush long green spring grass of that promised land of Windhaven.  Cody cantered about like the King of the World and the sheep mommas ignored their babies and ate like starving refugees.  (Don’t worry Jessy and Maggie were the day care attendants and watched over the babes while they napped and played around the windchime tree.)

I believe that over the next week, we will keep a good watch on everyone while they are out here, for short periods of a few hours at a time.  This is how we roll with a new fenced pasture.  If you leave them out for too long, they get bored and start looking for ways out.  But if they only get a limited time at first, they treat it as a special treat and seem to just be resigned that it’s secure and they don’t try to get out.  At least at first!   And even if we do have a few ornery wayfaring hoofies, since we’ll have a shepherdess on duty, she can fix the problem quickly.  But Jessy walked the fenceline with the goat babies and they tried to get to the nice ditch weeds beyond the fence and failed.  I think we have a secure perimeter!  Jessy is really good at finding weak spots of fencing…  or a place we forgot to wire good.  She is like a stern prison matron with a tight run ship.

Either that, or she just doesn’t like chasing sheep in the rain!

Probably a little of both!



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