We have lambs!!!!



We have lambs!  Four of them to be exact!  Three little girls and a boy!  They are Beulah, Pearl, Emma and Harley!  Named after folks in the famous Foxfire books about rural Appalachia folks!  (They were part of my early teen years that made me long for homesteading and a farm some day!)  So now, I honor them with the first crop of Windhaven lambs!

The picture above is little, or should I say, BIG Harley!  Isn’t he handsome?  I love his mutton chop sideburns!  He was the hardest birth, just a big boy!  Thank goodness, they were all delivered naturally, by their moms without any help.  Doesn’t mean we were pushing in spirit, especially when poor Iris delivered her big boy!

Well, I am bushed… been up most the night and then busy all day with babies and all…  I will write much more soon…  we still have four more ewes to deliver and it can be any time now.  Noel looks like it will be soon…  her flanks have hollowed out and her baby has dropped considerably.  24-48 hours and we should have more babies!

I am going to get a little nap, and in the meanwhile, we uploaded some pictures and info to our Facebook farm page, just because it loads much faster and all then the blog does…  if you’d like a preview, please go and take a peek!   I believe even if you are not on Facebook, you can still see the  picture album because it’s public.


Click like if you want too!   See you all in a while!!!!




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