Baby chicks in our dining room means spring to me.

Of course, it’s like stinking 10 degrees outside, the yard is a sheet of ice and  your feet freeze in about 3 minutes, but hey…  we got a box of little chicken nuggets today at the Rural King store…  and that wonderful little peeping means SPRING!!!!

Soon…  another week or so…


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Spring… — 2 Comments

  1. 20 of them are meat chicks… 6 are egg layers… 3 of which are Buff Brahmas and 3 are Aranuacunas… That lay the Easter egg colored eggs… :-) We raise them all up together and they do great. The heritage egg layers seem to be a little smarter and help to teach the meat chicks how to be chickens! Its worked for us now 3 times, this is our 4th batch of meat birds…