Itchy Critters…

It’s so delightful to watch the changing of the seasons around the homestead. One thing I have noticed is that the hoof stock is itchy. They have been rubbing and itching on anything they can find. The pony, the sheep, everyone is rubbing and itching, especially on warm and sunny days. Cody Pony has itching down to an artform. He has rubbed two little patches on his butt from rubbing on this little fence! I think I’ll have to get a little more tougher with the curry comb and help him out a bit!

What’s funny, is that the sheep are now using this fence as well… they siddle up to it and fit just perfectly under the boards and itch away on their wooly backs!

Fergus seems surprised to see his sister Molly scratching away on the little hay feeder in their paddock. She was really rubbing away, around her neck and just feeling good from the bit of itchy time. Finally, he gave in and started to rub his shoulders and enjoy the good feeling! The kitties have been rubbing against the trees and various things in the yard and the bunnies are rubbing against their hutch sides and leaving lots of fuzz! Considering that spring is officially only about 35 days away… I think this is a good size! Itchy Critters = 5 weeks till spring!!! That’s what I am hoping!

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Working Girls on Overtime…

Spring must be heading here soon… the girls are all getting busy and producing easily 2 to 3 dozen eggs a DAY! It’s nuts! We’ve gotten 4 dozen days too!

Maggie is working hard to finish her egg sign for the homestead. We normally sell them on Tuesdays when we go to town, but right now we’ve easily got 12 dozen in the frig and more out in the barn to get tomorrow… I tried boiling a dozen today, but of course, being way way too fresh, they didn’t peel very nicely and ended up being dog food. Which, of course, they didn’t mind at all. I’m going to try a few with vinegar in the water… I tried today the 1/4 cup of salt and high temps/icewater trick, but it didn’t work well.

I suspect it will only get worse as the warm days finally start to approach! I’m going to wait till next week and a little warmer temps to get the incubator going again. That will eat up a few dozen for sure!

Of course, that means more chickens… and then more eggs! Agh!!! It’s a never ending cycle!!!

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In Case of Zombies…

This is an antique hay hook. We got it at a antique place for a whopping $9. It’s one of the funniest tools on the homestead. You can stab it into a bale of hay or straw and it’s really amazing how well it works. It makes the bale so much easier to deal with. I suppose that they were used to pull bales up off the field or a haying machine, and to just handle the big 40-50 pound awkward things.

They also make fun Dr. Hook claws and are are good for pulling heavy loads on sleds. The handle is much nicer than baling twine or rope.

And if zombies attack, they could be a formable weapons. If.

Doesn’t hurt to be prepared you know. Haha….

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