Busy Weekend…

This weekend was our awesome neighbors family reunion.

They haven’t had one in a while and it was such a great time. They invited us down, and we brought a goat and bunny as well as the Deepwater Bluegrass band! (gg) (I know those guys…) We just had a great time, hanging out with such a great bunch of folks, enjoying such a BEAUTIFUL autumn day and oh my, such good eats! They sent home some extra potato salad and some cake and goodies and we’ve been enjoying them again today!

I have so many things to write about, it’s like life is going 150 miles an hour! I’ll try and catch up soon… but right now, I’m off to bed! Enjoy the gallery! Just click on the first picture and it should load up and do a little slideshow for you! Enjoy!

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Bad, Bad Kitties

See the sleeping kittens.
Aren’t they cute?
Why are they sleeping in trash?
I wonder… why is that?
Could it be, no… they would NEVER get into a trash bag and wreck havoc in the office, now would they?
Not cute little sweet kittens!
Bad kittens, bad….

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Night Chores

I know some people farm with a rigid schedule of early to rise and early to bed and all that. That works good for some folk, but, we’re just not 5 am morning people here. When we are up at 5 am, it’s because we haven’t gone to bed yet.

Nope for us, it’s the crack of 9 for the most part. And that means we’re often finishing up chores a bit later in the afternoon…er… evening.

Sometimes, even in the dark.

And I love it.  The farm is so delightful in the twilight hours.  It’s usually cool, especially wonderful on a hot, musty day.  The animals are full of grazing and eager for a good scratching and can be led easily to their barns.  The chickens are already in their roost, all softly cooing and occasionally moving a wee bit.  There are night bugs dancing around lights and crickets serenading their pals.  It’s a very special time.

All the barns feel different, they glow from the little lightbulbs inside, casting these warm, welcoming streams of light into the dark twilight.  Those without light are usually lit by the moon’s glow.  You don’t miss the dust and dirt, the manure and disheveled day to day look.  You just see golden straw with a sparkle of moonlight, and hear the soft breath of contented livestock.

I like walking through the back pastures and seeing the stars fill the whole, wide sky with a show that is better than any planetarium.  I like to sit on a wire spool table and just lay back and watch it all from the best seat in the place.  I like to just lay there and wish on shooting stars and wonder if they will come true.

It’s so quiet and almost spooky, yet familiar and comforting.  Cody goes quietly into his barn and turns around so he can get in a last minute goodnight nibble with his soft velvetly lips.  I think he likes me.  His pony kisses are worth a pot of gold to me.  I give him a good scratching behind his ears and under his chin and he blows a soft contented sigh of pleasure at my face before he turns around and goes to find a soft bed in the hay and straw for the night.  I love to watch him circle around in the dim light, like a big dog and then grunt a little breath and lay down.  It’s a ritual that just feels ageless and it’s only been a few weeks.

The dogs runs back and forth in their yard, trotting all over and giving any passing haunt a good stiff bark to let them know, they are on duty.  Moths dance around the screen porch light and to hear the door slam, it means we’re all done and it’s time to call it another fantastic day in our little homestead paradise.

I love night chores.

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