Not sure where I got this, perhaps off Facebook somewhere, but I have to say, it’s pretty cool!

I’m guessing that this is good for shallow rooted plants, like lettuces and such.  Some herbs maybe?  I might set one up in the garden and see how it grows.  I like the idea of using the available space between the slats… it looks so net and tidy!

We just got done today making two trips with Blue and Steve’s truck… ah… Red.  (gg)  I’m pretty sure that he has not named his truck but it’s red, so we have been calling it Big Red.  haha… I digress…

We went twice to our pallet hunting grounds and scored big!  4 loads worth…  Probably about 30 or 40 pallets and a few weird pieces of wood and such.  Some are better than others but that’s okay, they work just fine for some of our evil plans.  We roughly sorted them in the courtyard as to size and condition, but it was too dark to take a picture.  It’s kind of funny looking… like a pallet display yard!  We got some nice heavy duty ones with solid platforms and some small sturdy ones, a pair of long ones, easily 6 or 8 feet long.  Those will be nice as fencing.  And I think I have JUST the spot for them!

Tomorrow, in the daylight, we’ll sort through them and see where we think they might work out nicely.  I know that we need about 2 or 3 to finish the garden fence.  I want a few nice consistent sturdy ones to go between the sheep shack and the big barn. It’s a span of about 18 feet.  I want to be able to make a little gate and then fence that area off.  I want to build a nice formal compost bin in the garden.  Maggie wants 4 nice solid ones for her turkey shelter.  There are a couple I’d like to use to make a firewood shelter by the firepit with.  And the rest will go into building a fence from the big barn back to the woodlot in the back pasture.  And maybe a couple for trying a raised bed like the picture!

Should be fun!  Let the pallet sorting begin!!!

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Maggie’s got a saw…


It’s nothing special but it works great and the price was perfecct… $50!  Off Craigslist, of course!

Maggie has been watching for a good table saw for weeks now, saving up egg money and getting close, but not close enough.  Everytime we would see one, and then we wrote, it was gone!  Ugh!

But yesterday, I checked and there was this lovely little beauty and with a stand too!  And gently used.  By a very nice fireman that works with Life Flight!  We went to pick it up and managed to get a little thrift shop shopping in too, in an area that we don’t usually frequent near Toledo.

(Jessy got a sweet little Japanese tea set for her collection, Maggie got a pair of jeans and I scored a nice Pyrex covered dish and a book about Nashville’s songwriting business and a HUGE white candle for our candle pot!  (We recycle candle wax!  Fun stuff!)

But I will admit, this saw is awesome.  We’re working on the chicken coop build out in the poultry barn and having that saw made it SO quick to cut a few 2 x 4s…  We have been using a circular saw, which works but it’s just hard to be nice and accurate and all that.  The table saw makes nice straight and accurate cuts so easily.  And I think it’s a little safer really, for the type of stuff we are doing.

Well, the only other machine that she needs and wants right now is a table top sander.  Preferably a belt and disc sander combo.  The next machine on her list!  We’ll be watching and saving up a little egg money for that soon!



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Boozing it up…

I’m beginning to sound like a real wino or something and the funny thing is, I really don’t drink much at all!  But I just love brewing!  I’m not exactly sure why, but I just love the whole idea of doing something that most people have never considered in their wildest dreams.  And I like the whole process.  It’s rather fun.

I bottled my last batch of beer this weekend.  My Red Rooster Ale.  And the best part is that the brew store ran out of 12 ounce tall neck bottles and only had these little 6.5 ouncers… and they are SO darling!   And so perfect!  I just like a taste of beer, and a small bottle with dinner or on a nice hot afternoon, these are going to be so perfect!  I need to get another box of them for certain.

They are just so neat.  I think they would be nice for rootbeer, too!  I have a rootbeer kit that I think I’ll give a try next.

isn’t the color simply lovely?  Just a super pretty reddish amber.  Can’t wait to see how this batch tastes!

Well, and a reader wrote to me about combining my sweet wine with a splash of carbonated water from our Soda Stream and so I figured why not give it a try.  Oh my gosh!  It’s so delishious!!!  It’s like a perfect grown up soda pop!  The carbonation really works well with it, it lightens up the heaviness of the wine, and makes it a lighter sparkling treat.  I’ve had one glass the last two nights as I read a bit before bed and it’s just the nicest little relaxing toast.  It’s probably like a third a glass of wine in reality, but it’s just a nice little treat.  I could get used to this!

Well, the weather is going to be delightful for at least the next 10 days, so I’ve decided that I am going to spend as much time as humanly possible outside and enjoying it.  I have missed being out back for hours on end.  I need that sunshine and green grass growing.  I looked out this morning and for the first time I could really see that lovely green flush of the grass finally waking up and getting ready.  When I let the sheep and pony out, they rushed by me and started to nibble that tasty stuff up.  They saw it as well.  I can’t wait to let them into the back more, hopefully by this weekend!  We’re doing our best to get things finished up for them to be safe out in the back pastures!

I’m pretty sure that a nice glass of wine or a cold beer is going to feel just perfect after a hard day’s labor and super contentment of finally getting outside for hours on end.  I am so ready!  We spent at least four or five hours outside today, just working on the poultry barn and doing chores, etc.  I know it’s crazy, but I’m actually looking forward to digging out all the animal barns!   All winter long, they have been layering up more and more poop and shavings and straw, and it’s all been composting down.  It’s going to be so super good for the gardens…  just can’t wait to get those raised beds filled up and planted!!!  We should be getting hay and straw tomorrow, and I’m going to build another big raised bed and start filling it with compost.  Pretty cool…

Cheers!!!  Hope you are all experiencing some nice lovely weather, where ever you hang your hat!



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