Just thinkin…

I read today on Facebook that one of my reader friends, she’s having a sad time. Her hubby has to work away from home and they’re just having trouble making ends meet and miss him. She wasn’t lamenting the need to work or fact that life is life, we all have things going on, but just letting her friends know, that it was not so wonderful… and you know, it just got me thinking… heavy and hard all day long.

I have been feeling a little down, just thinking about a few heavy bills that are coming due and not so sure how we will get over them, which is life. And started to get that “poor me” sort of worry that we are all prone to. Just starting to feel a little overwhelmed at all I’d like to do and the limited time that I seem to have each day to do things in. And I just wanted to slap myself in the head. I mean, for gosh sakes… I really don’t know ANYONE that is so secure in their lives that they never have any worries. They are healthy and wealthy and wise beyond measure. Hmmm. Let me think. Nope, no one. Really. No one. Even those when money, seem to have other issues, perhaps health or emotional or family… everyone really has something that they struggle with. And not everyone shares it with you.

Facebook is a good eye opener at times. You can read past the little silly graphics and reposting of Jesus stories and I love my Kids postings and sometimes you see little raw, real bits into people that you might never have seen before, or noticed as we are all good at hiding our soft tender little underbellies. I have to stop and remind myself over and over again, that in the still of the night, there probably are not too many people laying awake in their beds, worrying over my tax bill. Haha. Or really even worried about Cody or whether I got my raised beds filled up. We all worry about our own backyards in the quiet of the night. As we should.

And when someone seems distant or a little well, off… it might just be some burden that they are shouldering over their cloak of a happy smile and seemingly unconcerned demeanor. I think I want to always remember this… to remind myself that we all have a cross to bear, and that we all have our own backyards to worry about… we all have so many blessings laid at our feet that sometimes, we overlook them and focus just on that one burden that we feel is overpowering. I think, no, I know, that I need to realize that we all labor and we all worry and yet, the day goes on and things get done. If we really were in dire straights I know several very good friends that would be eager to lend a hand. And I would do the same to any of them… it’s just so easy to get overwhelmed and focus on that narrow issue, that little fly in your face buzzing and miss the background of good stuff…

So tonight, I’m going to try and focus on my friend and ask in my prayers that she get a little lift of her spirit and that just maybe something good will come of a cheerful nature and the warm wishes and thoughts of her friends that will never let her go too far down that dark valley alone. We just need to let folks know so they can help shoulder a little of that burden, even if for a few moments and a prayer.

And thank you all, for being out there and reading and commenting… you lift our spirits in so many ways, it’s just not easy to relate and thank you! :-)

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Jessy Pictures…

We can be out working… and I often bring my nice camera out with me because you just never know when you might get a great shot… and then Jessy will take it from me and come back with awesome pictures! haha… I know I do take a few good ones myself, but she just has a nice eye for things and it doesn’t matter if it’s her fancier camera or my okay nice camera… the shots are always so lovely!

Take this one of my beloved roo…. Bucka ROo!!!! Isn’t he just so lovely and splendid in his beautiful self? I think this would make a stunning book cover!!! I just love that bird…

And this lovely shot of three of our four retirement home hens that we took on! It’s such a lovely little story… we took in our friend’s 4 older hens to trade for 5 younger pullets and some plants… her ladies were getting a little older and not laying as much, but they didn’t want them to just go to finishing school, or auction, so we agreed to take them and let them be part of our free range flock. So, if they don’t lay as much, that’s fine, and they can earn their keep as bug patrol ladies. They are beautiful hens… they usually all stick together, it’s kinda funny. They are a little subflock… haha…

We have little patches of these delightful little purple flowers all over the place. And I love how she shoots them!

I’ve seen these pines a thousand times but she sees them differently. And so beautifully.

Yes, our sheep are that little. And our roo is that big.

Haha…. I really laughed to see this picture. It’s little Molly standing next to Bucka Roo… yeah, she’s not super big. She’s about 24 inches at the shoulder. Maybe. And Bucka, he’s a pretty good sized roo! Crazy but true!

Just a few more lovely pictures from my hijacked camera by my photographer kid!!!

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Hauntingly beautiful…

Wow.   This is amazing.   Just love the whole  mountain model music thing….  this left me absorbed and unable to do anything else but listen… the words…. so powerful.


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