June Homesteading Clan Swap…

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What a delightful day!  I was still feeling a little puny after my medical mishap week, but I felt good enough to sit on a lawn chair, visit with friends, enjoy a little BBQ and pick a little banjo!

Our swaps are turning into social events, like nothing I’ve ever been to!  And I love it!   We gather in the early afternoon, a bit after 1 or so, on a nice Sunday afternoon.  Folks bring lawnchairs and we drag out all the chairs we have.  And we sit under the shade of a little maple in my front side yard and we just start visiting and chatting.  Everyone brings their wares, whether it is chickens or bunnies or plants or lotions or rocks or glass totems or soaps…. anything that you do or make or craft or grow…  it’s more than welcome.  The kids sit around and visit, we take mini tours of the farm, and we just talk about homesteading and farming and gardening…. it’s so delightful!

And now, we’ve added a music element to the mix…  Tom and his family came out for the first time and he’s an awesome musician, so we picked a little and sang and then his delightful three daughters entertained for a few songs!   Just wonderful!

And after we’re done chatting and eating and listening and playing, we get to the trading and selling and swapping time.   So far, everyone has been all smiles and we seem happy!  More folks are hearing about it and want to come and that’s delightful.  Next month. we’re having it up the road at Jr and Julia’s homestead!  We’ll probably swap back and forth.

It’s just so nice, relaxing and fun to hang with like minded people!   We love it!!!!   Can’t wait till the next one….


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