Pie Time!

Fall means apples and apples mean pie! Our favorite orchard just opened up a bit ago and we’ve gone a few times to get livestock apples, apple cider and of course, just bags of apples for us!  Yum! Livestock apples … Continue reading

Confetti Soup

When my dear daughters were younger, getting them to eat their veggies was always hard.   They liked carrots and potatoes.   That was about it.  Oh, salad sometimes…  but not with too many goodies.  Cucumbers.  That was about it.  Picky, yes. … Continue reading

Dehydrator Blues…

As you might have read, I got a dehydrator at a garage sale for a mere $2.00.   I was so thrilled!  I’ve been wanting to give dehydration a try for storing foods.  Most decent units are at least $50, so … Continue reading

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