Sweet Deal Alert

Don’t know if this is every Kroger but my local Kroger supermarket has these fancy little McCormick spice blends on sale right now for $1.00 each. Normally like $4 a bottle! I got 10 when I had to stop in … Continue reading

Making Sausage!

I had a dream. A dream to try and make homemade sausage. Sausage a’la Moby. Yes, our own taste, our own recipies. Hand ground and flavored with care and careful consideration. And then I saw it. On Ebay. A cast … Continue reading

New Book… Basic Country Skills

Got a new book off Ebay over the last day or two and boy, it’s a whopper. It’s Storey’s Basic Country Skills book. It’s HUGE and it is so detailed and good and just a page turner if you’re into … Continue reading

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